We all have limiting beliefs and before we take the first step to overcoming them we need to discover what they are!
You can’t fix things you’re not aware of and once you overcome your limiting beliefs you can start smashing through your goals (happy dance). So let’s look at some easy steps that you can take to banish these dis-empowering beliefs and let your awesomeness shine through.
1. Re-framing Negative Beliefs
Dig deep and look at the patterns of behaviour in your life. Have a good think about the beliefs that haven’t been serving you. Once you’ve identified these get them out of your head and down on paper. Let’s keep it simple and start with six beliefs.
Now take your top three and ask yourself, what are these beliefs costing you on a daily basis? How much better will your life be if you let go of these beliefs?
Ok, now you’ve reframed these beliefs you can define your new self-talk and decide on what action you’re going to take. Whatever action you take, it must be regular and consistent for you to be able to move forward and achieve your goals.
2. I must…
A great NLP technique you can use for revealing limiting beliefs is writing down six sentences, each starting with ‘I must…’. So for example:
I MUST be good at maths to run my own business. Now ask yourself ‘what would happen if you weren’t? What would be the worst that would happen and could you handle it?
This helps you look at the consequences of different actions (or inactions) that you might take in response to your beliefs. This increases your awareness of automatic responses you give.
What will you do with these insights?
3. I Can’t…
Now you’ve identified some limiting beliefs you can look at how your beliefs influence what you think you can’t do. Write down six sentences beginning with the words ‘I can’t…’. Just go with the first things that comes to mind.
So, let’s use the example of ‘I CAN’T make it as a successful business owner.’
Now ask yourself, what stops you?
Ok, great you know what’s stopping you and it could be as simple as an incorrect belief that you are holding onto. Now ask yourself, what will you do with this information? What issues have arisen as a result of answering these questions?
Perhaps these are areas that you would like to explore further with a coach.
4. The Power of Language
Do you ever think about the language you use on a daily basis?
Language is powerful and can influence our behaviours. For example, notice the difference when you say ‘I’ll try and do my business finances tonight’ and ‘I will do my business finances tonight!’. By setting the intention you are more likely to achieve your goal. Also, and as with all goals, get it out of your head and down on paper to increase your likelihood of achieving your goal.
Note the difference when you change your negative phrases into positive ones. Now write down six negative statements and reframe them into the positive i.e. I’m struggling to generate an idea for my blog post to I haven’t generated the idea for blog post yet although I know it will come to me.
Once you become more aware of the language you use you’ll soon be able to change your responses and subsequently your attitude.
5. Positive Affirmations
One of the most powerful techniques to re-programme your language is affirmations; positive statements you repeat to yourself at various times during the day. These help you improve your self-talk and can have a huge impact on your behaviour and achievements.
Affirmations have five elements:
Positive – Precisely state what you do want NOT what you don’t want, which so many people all too often do
Personal – Describe a specific quality you want starting with ‘I’ or ‘my’. For example, ‘I am a positive person who sees the best in every situation’
State in present tense – Write it as if you already have that quality i.e. I am always positive as opposed to I will be positive
Dated – Be clear when you want to achieve this by
Now you have some great tools to empower yourself and overcome your limiting beliefs it’s time to start getting focused on your goals and taking action.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and if you’d like to know anything more about how coaching can help you move forward with your limiting beliefs then follow me on Facebook, Twitter or email me at suzie@suzieflynn.com.