Client Love!








I had the most amazing Reimprinting Matrix session with Suzie! If I had to describe it in one word it would be: MAGIC!!! We discovered an old memory that revealed some clues to my visibility struggle! She guided me through some yucky feelings of being misunderstood and unseen all the way through to feeling COMPLETELY WORTHY. This bright light of mine is shining!! Shining with love and happiness! I am ECSTATIC!!! Suzie truly has a gift! I'm so blessed to have this experience! 🙂 It's worth its weight in GOLD!

Working with Suzie I was unable to unravel a story and belief from childhood that was playing out in my business around boundaries and instead of creating a story and staying angry, she helped me disintegrate it.

I HIGHLY recommend working with Suzie! Her beautiful intuitive gifts also helped lead our session. Thank you so much Suzie for helping me step into my power and write a new story!!!



Working with Suzie I was able to let go of the hesitancy and was ready to step forward and do what I wanted to do in my business. It's not about me being a disappointment, it’s about whoever I’m working with and what they’re ready to receive, knowing they’ll get out of it what they need. That feeling of not doing something because you feel safe where you are and realising that you’re always safe but there’s a different kind of safety that you’re walking into and being able to embrace that change and trusting that things will always only get better.

Suzie Flynn is a wonderful coach and has helped me immensely. Speaking with her allowed me to see that I am worthy and can do what I set my mind to. I no longer think I can't, and I no longer try. I know that I can, and I just do. I am taking action, and I am not hiding behind fear anymore, thanks to Suzie. Thank you so much, Suzie, for opening my eyes and my heart and what I thought was impossible is possible.

It didn’t take Suzie long to work out there was an underlying issue I needed to resolve that was holding me back. Suzie helped me address beliefs I'd carried as a child into adulthood. This gave me awareness and helped me heal part of myself that I'd kept buried for many years. Coaching with Suzie allowed me to heal a part of myself that I had never realised was impacting so much of my life. Not just with my business but most importantly my relationship with myself. I now feel I can move on and without carrying a dark shadow over myself. 


Suzie gave me the tools to be able to move forward, such as the use of EFT and I can honestly say that the emotions I felt at the beginning of the session, had mostly dissipated by the end of the session and I was able to set effective goals without the negative emotion attached. This meant I could finally move forward with something that had been holding me back for years. Suzie provided me with tools that I could use day to day to boost my confidence and to manage my negative thoughts.


Suzie is a compassionate and very effective coach. Her professional approach, tempered with a sincere and genuine desire for the well-being of her clients, instills a sense of confidence and safety. My session with Suzie was the most profound I have experienced which has left me with a lasting sense of peace and calm. I highly recommend Suzie as a competent and effective coach.


I’m a very intuitive, very gifted healer but I’d managed to forget all of that and just allow myself to sink into panic and believe the BS mind chatter. Suzie instantly put me at ease. Helped me not just to relax and feel safe but she also got me to laugh as well. By the time Suzie had held my hand and walked me through the session I was able to say that on a scale of 1-10 my anxiety had shifted from a 10+ to a 3 and that lessened over the following hours.

Suzie is professional, yet down to earth, with a real passion for helping others achieve what they think they can’t do. Using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, with some NLP, she has gently challenged me on my negative beliefs, and helped me move out of my comfort zone. I am now able to start taking action to create the life I want. Thank you, Suzie.


Before working with Suzie I felt lost, lacked focus and was afraid to take action due to fear. Suzie helped me to be more confident and move out of my comfort zone. Suzie is professional, positive, reliable, supportive and really cares.