Live with purpose

Live with passion

not regret!

We live in the future we create today


Do you ever get the feeling that something is missing in your life, that you could do more, be more and have more? You know something has to change but you don’t know what it is or how you’ll get there.

• Would you like to create an entrepreneurial career but not sure what that looks like?
• Do you want to create an entrepreneurial career yet have fears that are holding you back?
• Have you been working in the corporate world for too long and feel there’s more to life?
• Are you someone who dreams big and wants to make an impact on others’ lives?


With passion and purpose there is nothing to fear


Suzie Flynn coaching specialises in working with Executive Assistants who are ready to take the leap into their Virtual Assistant business. Assistants who feel that their dreams don’t fit with the reality of the corporate world. Suzie helps you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, supporting you in discovering and pursuing your big vision with the confidence and clarity to succeed. She helps you tap into your self-development, shift long-held limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, so you feel able to step into being your true self and live to your fullest potential. She gets present with you, as in her experience, she finds this creates a safe space for you to be heard and for the answers to arise from within. You will be supported in finding your way to greater confidence and clarity, you’ll increase your self-esteem and let go of not feeling good enough. Suzie will inspire you to be the best version of yourself, listening without judgement and with genuine compassion, motivate and encourage you on your forward journey.


Start taking the steps to a more fulfilled you


Suzie has created a unique coaching service in which she really takes the time to get to know you, to really listen to your needs and understand what your challenges are and what you aspire to. Here are just some of the benefits of Suzie Flynn Coaching.


• Gain a better understanding of what’s important to you and clarity around your vision

• Understand your values, beliefs and how these align with your goals going forward

• Increase your awareness around limiting beliefs and receive support in challenging these

• Feel more positive and choose to do something that is in line with what you believe in

• Address underlying issues and release self-sabotaging patterns so you can move forward

• Become more focused and go beyond your fears to step outside your comfort zone

• Feel more happy, confident, motivated and excited about your future

• Learn that life can become easier when you live in a way that works for you.


To find out more about how Suzie Flynn Coaching can transform your life, click below to book your 30 minute complimentary coaching session.