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Changing Lives

One by One

Clear your unconscious blocks to success

Having your own business is great but do you sometimes feel like:

• You aren’t achieving your full potential?
• You’re getting in your own way?
• You want to be more confident?
• You struggle with overwhelm?

Did you know that however motivated and successful we are – we can have blocks that can cause roadblocks to achieving all we want out of our business? Some of these blocks we may not even be aware of.

The good news is that there is an effective and simple way to shift these blocks in your subconscious. It can help you to:

• Break free from old patterns of behaviour
• Feel better about yourself
• Step out of your comfort zone and take confident action in your business

Are you ready to clear your subconscious blocks, transform your mindset and achieve the success you deserve?

How can I help?


I work with people just like you. Coaches, therapists and healers in the start-up phases of their businesses who may feel stuck and as though they are not achieving their full potential.

Clear your subconscious blocks to success


The first step is to help you clear the subconscious blocks to success that affect how you think, feel and act on a daily basis. We don’t just address the problem we look at the cause and move you from being stuck to stepping into action.

By clearing your subconscious blocks and changing your mindset you will move forward in achieving your business goals with more confidence.

To be successful you need to feel successful


The second step is to change your mindset to find the clarity and confidence to achieve things that you felt you weren’t capable of.

How would you feel if we could clear any underlying issues that might be holding you back from living your full potential? I can help you heal and resolve these issues and replace them with positive beliefs and mindset.

You will be able to set effective goals without carrying the negative emotions previously attached to those goals. Whatever has been holding you back will shift and you can move forward in your business and be as successful as you have dreamed you could be.

What you’ll get


A coach that understands what it’s like to be a start-up and is passionate about you living up to your full potential. One that is empathetic, enthusiastic, motivating and who will help you hold yourself accountable to ensure you achieve your objectives. We’ll establish your key goals, values and dreams and use those as the compass to direct you to the next level in your business.

You’ll get a new awareness of the subconscious and emotional barriers holding you back from achieving what you really want. You’ll overcome the patterns that have prevented you achieving this in the past.