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Hey lovely! I’m Suzie and I help Executive Assistants build a financially successful Virtual Assistant business, so that they can create the freedom and flexibility they desire and deserve.

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Are you longing for a day that you can design on your terms and finally do something for yourself? You’ve tried advertising on Upwork and in your local paper, but it just hasn’t worked? Now you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, right?

But what if you could figure out how to get started in your VA business, attract clients and be financially secure enough to leave the 9 to 5? And as a result, you had more freedom, flexibility and control over your day than you ever imagined possible? Which means you could feel happier in what you do and who you work for, proud of everything you’ve achieved with more time for you and your family.

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Not knowing where to start in your Virtual Assistant business and say hello to getting clients in the door.

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Do a deep dive into research on building your Virtual Assistant business and shifting your mindset. This blog is designed to answer your questions and help you get started.


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“Another win for third client this week. You've totally made me step into who I am and people are coming to me, so just a huge thank you!”

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Bespoke 1:1 coaching tailored to your needs to fast track your progress for increased success.


A simple, easy to follow online course to get you started with your Virtual Assistant business.


Learn the importance of niching in your business to increase inbound leads and get more clients.


I am like a business-oriented cheerleader, with deep knowledge of business as well as self-care strategies that all combine to create a sense of achievement and accomplishment for my clients.

With a 22 year background as an Executive Assistant in corporate London I launched my coaching business in 2017. That has allowed me to feel happier and more fulfilled in the work I do with the freedom to design a business that fits around my lifestyle, whilst also supporting my clients and my desire for flexibility.

You were meant to be your own boss. If you’re feeling stuck and like you’re on a hamster wheel, it’s time to take action and make a positive transformation. Don’t delay, because your time is NOW.

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