My Mission 

My mission is to support coaches and healers uncover and address the root causes of their mindset blocks for deeper breakthroughs. So that they can help more people, make more money and create more impact. 

Hey, I'm Suzie and my desire is to empower you every step of the way so that you can share your gift with the world and help more people, through doing what you love.


Imagine how freeing it would feel to replace the self-doubt and limiting beliefs with self-belief and unstoppable confidence. Picture yourself stepping out of your comfort zone, making brave choices despite any past limitations or fears and feeling capable of achieving anything!

One night in my mid-twenties, as I was out with friends ordering food to go, something magical happened. A friend stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that I'm more than worthy of respect. That I am a talented and gorgeous young woman who shouldn't be so hard on herself. When this friend challenged my self-critical thoughts, something inside me stirred and gave way to a life-changing wake up call that pushed me out of my comfort zone and onto a journey of self-discovery.

Throughout my childhood, I faced the difficulty of being targeted and bullied in my school years. Over the course of eleven years, I felt a growing sense of self-doubt and a lack of confidence which had lasting effects on my self-esteem.


Honesty and integrity, going after my dreams, reading books, eating healthy food and keeping fit; mind, body & soul.


Disrespect, dishonesty, animal cruelty, audio books, drinking alcohol, staying in bed to 11am.


Guesting on podcasts, on coaching calls with my amazing clients, hanging out on LinkedIn.

daily rituals...

Morning meditation, cuddles with my cat, drinking tea, curled up with a book and listening to my favourite podcasts.

What began as an interest in self-development rapidly evolved into a purposeful journey of transformation. 

After a serious personal loss in 2013 I re-evaluated my 20+ year career as an Executive Assistant in the corporate world, retrained as a coach and energy healer and dared to step out of my comfort zone.

This opened up new opportunities for growth while unlocking an inner strength, confidence and self-belief that had been dormant inside me all along.

It’s now my mission to empower fellow coaches and healers by helping you elevate and expand your confidence and self-belief as you go through their own journey of transformation. To help you release and heal negative beliefs and heavy emotions that are keeping you stuck in the past. So you can attract more clients, make more money and create more impact. For a life of happiness, fulfilment and joy that comes from supporting more people with your work.

The kind of results my clients have got working with me…

"I have had an incredibly positive day today. This morning I had a breakthrough session with the amazing Suzie Flynn. She helps women entrepreneurs uplevel with confidence and self belief by guiding them through a powerful healing process. It was absolutely MAGICAL andI have so much more hope for my future now. You know something is really impactful when you can still feel the results hours and hours later. So thankful!"

"Working with Suzie I was able to let go of the hesitancy and was ready to step forward and do what I wanted to do in my business, instead of procrastinating. That feeling of not doing something because you feel safe where you are and realising that you’re always safe but there’s a different kind of safety that you’re walking into and being able to embrace that change and trust that things will always only get better"

I'm filled with joy and pride when I think of the transformational journeys my clients have been on. Through our work together, they've released childhood stories and limiting beliefs that have held them back for years. So they could confidently share their gifts with more people, reach greater feelings of happiness and make a deeper impact in the world. Each time one of my amazing clients celebrates success, it’s an honour to witness!

"Working with Suzie I was able to unravel a story and belief from childhood that was playing out in my business around boundaries and instead of creating a story and staying angry, she helped me disintegrate it. I HIGHLY recommend working with Suzie! Her beautiful intuitive gifts also helped lead our session. Thank you so much Suzie for helping me to step into my power and write a new story!!!"

If you’re ready to ditch the self-doubt, increase your confidence and make more impact, I can support you to move into a place of self-acceptance, joy and happiness.

From self-doubt, a lack of confidence and low self-esteem, due to childhood bullying, to Mindset & Empowerment Coach

Trained as a personal performance coach with The Coaching Academy

Licensed as a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) with Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP)

Qualified healer in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and attuned to Reiki Master

Has worked with high level coaches including Shaa Wasmund MBE, I Heart My Life, Lisa Johnson and Denise Duffield-Thomas

Invested 20 + years into her own personal development so that she can support and empower her clients to achieve their goals

So why choose me as your coach?

"I just had the most amazing session with Suzie! If I had to describe it in one word it would be...MAGIC!!!"



“It was quite frankly life changing for me on a
personal and professional perspective.”


“It was quite frankly life changing for me
on a personal and professional perspective”




“I have a much more confident approach to each day and feel positive about the future no matter what happens”

“I have a much more confident approach to each day and feel positive about the future no matter what happens”



“I feel more confident and I have a clear vision about what I need and want to do to make my business a success”

“I feel more confident and I have a clear vision about what I need and want to do to make my business a success”

let's work together

I'm SUPER excited to support you in transforming outdated memories and beliefs from childhood that may be holding you trapped in the past. So that you can feel more confident to serve more clients and create a greater impact with your work. It’s your time to care for others by empowering yourself.

Are you ready to feel more empowered?