Launch your flexible Virtual Assistant business in 3 months or less

Ready to finally own your day and have the freedom and flexibility to control your time?

THE VA Freedom startup



Launch your flexible Virtual Assistant business in 3 months or less

Ready to finally own your day and have the freedom and flexibility to control your time?

yes, I'm ready to break free!


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Do you desire more freedom and flexibility and to be able design your own day? Are you feeling fed up with being seen as ‘just’ an Assistant and being undervalued and unappreciated?

If are an Executive Assistant and want to build an online Virtual Assistant business I am here to support you with my coaching services, programmes and offers.

Are you a Executive Assistant who has been in the role for 10 years plus and has got to a point where you want to be your own boss and do something for yourself?


You're ready, willing, able and excited to begin building your VA business and get free from your 9 to 5 as soon as possible.


Suzie is a wonderful coach! She is so positive and genuinely a joy to work with.

She helped me have so many light bulb moments, encouraged me to turn my negative thoughts on their head and to step into who I am.

With her help I am now focused and attracting my dream clients. Highly recommended!

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place!

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"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


As an ex Assistant of 22 years in corporate London, The VA Freedom Startup coaching programme was created when I realized that so many Executive Assistants were struggling with how to get started in their Virtual Assistant business and how to get clients.

These Assistants would try to look or ask for answers in Facebook groups or through Google searches, but they weren’t really getting the help they needed. I’ve studied this problem for three years and have found the solution! Using the principles I coach you on in my programme has positively impacted my own life.

Fun fact, this picture was taken ten years after I lived in this house share. I remember getting home and feeling exhausted from traveling, frustrated over not feeling appreciated and having to deal with difficult managers. Now I get to enjoy the freedom and flexibility in my day and choose the clients I work with.

Here's why I do this work...

When I was new in business I didn’t have a clue how to get started and felt overwhelmed with all the different things I needed to learn to grow my business and create financial success.

Through years of investing in my own coaches and mentors and through my own coach training with The Coaching Academy I have created a successful business and now get to coach Assistants like you to take those first steps into their Virtual Assistant business. I even trained as a VA before changing direction and launching my coaching business instead.

Here's how your life will look radically different after we work together...

Feel happier in what you do and who you work for while feeling valued and appreciated

Have clarity and a clear vision of what you need to do to make your business a success

Feel proud of everything you’ve achieved and have more time for you and your family

Release anxiety around posting on social media and feel confident in marketing your business

Feel in control of the overwhelm and have a clear roadmap to move your VA business forward

Have more confidence and start making decisions as the CEO of your own business


Get started on the path to freedom and flexibility
from just £665

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You’ll create tangible goals for your VA business and get clear on your vision so that you have direction and manageable action steps that you can implement. You’ll get clear on your strengths, skills and values so you can express your uniqueness and stand out from the crowd as an expert in a busy online market.

Module 1 - Goals & Personal Branding

Here's how it works...

You’ll identify your interests and passions, identify problems you can solve so that you can attract more clients and increase profitability in your business. You’ll create an ‘ideal client avatar’ so that you can identify the benefits you can bring to your clients’ business supported by personalised market research.

You’ll create a social media headline so that your ideal client will immediately want to know more about your services, and you’ll create the foundations of a 4 week content plan so that you grab your clients’ attention. You’ll create content that will speak directly to your client so that you can offer them a solution so you can get them on a call and secure them as a client.

Throughout this programme we'll address mindset and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck so you stay on track and take action with your online marketing strategy and together we'll figure out your next the steps for your business.

By the end of this 3 month coaching programme you’ll be in a position to be able to get clients into your business and have a long-term strategy for growth so that you have a regular income doing something you love whilst on your terms.

Module 2 - Niching & Ideal Client

Module 4 - Social Media & Content Writing

Big Promise

You’ll gain clarity on the structure and pricing for your packages so your clients understand the benefits of working with you and book you in. You’ll learn how to get your clients on a discovery call and what to say so you can turn them from a lead into a sale without that ‘icky’ sales feeling. You’ll learn how you can use social media to connect with your ideal client and build online visibility so that they come ask you about your services.

Identify and address self-sabotaging behaviours and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, so that you can stay on track with the growth of your business. Together we'll revisit areas of the programme that you desire more support with and figure out the next steps for your business, so that you can move forward with, clarity, momentum and confidence.

Module 3 - Sales & Marketing

Module 5 - Mindset & Next Steps

Fed up with struggling to figure out how to get started and want to have to have more freedom and flexibility in your life? Book a free VA strategy call to see if we are the right fit to work together. Let's help you gain clarity around the first step you need to take for your Virtual Assistant business.

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You’ll learn what to expect from your coaching experience and how to get the most out of it, including when and how you can reach your coach so that you’ve got continued support throughout the duration of our time together. You’ll complete your wheel of life and intake questionnaire so that we can monitor your progress from start to finish.

Welcome Bundle

Programme Bonuses

You’ll address the practical elements you need to take to get your business set up including tax, insurance, data protection and business bank account so that you’ll be ready to take on clients. You’ll learn about effective online and offline networking so that you can build relationships with prospective clients. You’ll have templates to map out your business plan including identifying your revenue goals, visibility and content plan, so that you have a roadmap for success.

Gain an understanding of your money story and limiting beliefs then create powerful affirmations and practices so that you can feel confident charging for your services. Visualise your success in all areas of your life so you have a clear idea of what you want to create from our experience of working together and beyond.

Gain access to a six page professionally designed ready made website with domain registration and free web hosting for the first year. As part of this bundle you'll also get access to a domain specific email address, GDPR privacy policy, SSL certificate for padlock protection and professional images.

Business Startup Bundle

Money Mindset Bundle

Website Bundle

You’ll discover the latest apps to put in place in your business that will help increase your productivity and manage your time so that you have streamlined systems in place ready for your business to onboard and support new clients. You'll have access to powerful reading and listening resources in the way of recommended books and podcasts.

Gain access to a six page professionally designed ready made website with domain registration and free web hosting for the first year. As part of this bundle you'll also get access to a domain specific email address, GDPR privacy policy, SSL certificate for padlock protection and professional images.

Systems & Resources Bundle

Website Bundle

Money Mindset Bundle

Q1. What is the investment for this programme?

Great question! I’ve made this programme as affordable as possible, whilst also providing amazing value. That’s why if you’re offered a spot inside this programme you have the option to pay £1,997 up front and receive a bonus coaching session, or pay in three monthly instalments of £665. My mission is to give you a long term strategy for growth so that you can create a consistent income doing something you love, whilst on your terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q2. How much time do I need to commit each week to this programme?

I'm so glad you asked this. If you feel you're too busy and don't have time that's a massive indicator that you need my help. You're trying to build a business and you're super busy with your day job. What if your work with me could enable you to build a side business so that you could leave your 9 to 5 and not have to spend 40 hours plus a commute. Actually, if you feel like you're too busy, that's an exact indicator of why you need this programme right now. This is going to free up your time. Nothing is going to change if you're too busy now.

Q3. How will I know if I'm ready for this kind of commitment?

Such a great question! While it can feel scary to get started there never really is a good time to get started but with my support you'll have a clear road map to follow so you can ditch the overwhelm and have complete clarity on what you need to do to create your financially successful Virtual Assistant business. If you've been thinking about it for years then now is your time. No more wasted years of regret. Instead you get to move forward with the freedom and flexibility that you desire and deserve.

“I gained two clients which was fab! It's great experiencing working with a client or two to really get your confidence up as well which is fab. My mindset is totally different to when we first started working together."



Your roadmap for success in your Virtual Assistant business is less than 3 months away. Don’t wait another second to make it your reality!

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