This bespoke 1:1 coaching programme is designed for coaches who feel they’ve hit a confidence crisis and an upper limit with sales in their business. You’re feeling frustrated and alone, caught up in negative-self talk and feel a need to have everything perfect before you can move forward!

You want to feel good about yourself, happy and optimistic about the future of your business without second guessing yourself and falling into self-doubt and self-sabotage.

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Destination Success

Heal your self-imposed energetic beliefs so you can show up as your most fulfilled self

Address money blocks keeping you playing small and breakthrough your income plateau

Helping you reconnect with your soulful purpose and feel lit up again in your business

Reframe success and reconnect with your inner confidence and reignite your self-belief

Gain clarity on your business vision and bust through B.S excuses that say it can’t be yours

Learn forgiveness and self-trust to support you as you step into living out your full potential

Explore the creative goodness that you bring to the world and call in soul aligned clients

What would it feel like to...

I just had the most amazing Reimprinting Matrix session with Suzie! If I had to describe it in one word it would be: MAGIC!!!
We discovered an old memory that revealed some clues to my visibility struggle! She guided me through some yucky feelings of being misunderstood and unseen all the way through to feeling COMPLETELY WORTHY. This bright light of mine is shining!! Shining with love and happiness! I am ECSTATIC!!!
Suzie truly has a gift! I'm so blessed to have this experience! It's worth its weight in GOLD!

Hi, I’m Suzie, an award nominated coach for coaches looking to ditch the self-doubt and increase their confidence. With a background in psychology, I love to combine science and spirituality into my coaching. Using energy practices of NLP, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting plus my attunement to Reiki Master.

I’ve experienced childhood and workplace bullying, plus the highs and lows of growing an online business, including two business pivots and with that breakthroughs with my own challenges around confidence and self-belief. 

Having gone on my own journey of transformation I knew other heart-centred entrepreneurs would be experiencing similar. Trying to reconnect with their happiness and optimism but feeling alone and misunderstood, while only finding surface level answers for much deeper challenges.

My mission is to help creative, spiritual and heart-centred entrepreneurs reconnect with their confidence and self-belief, so that they can show up in a more empowered way. So that they can live out their full potential and be the fabulous, talented, gorgeous person they are meant to be. So they can create more impact for their clients and in turn create a ripple effect of change across the world.

Here's why I do this work...

It’s ALL possible, with DESTINATION SUCCESS and I’ll show you how!

Melanie Hood

It’s ALL possible, with DESTINATION SUCCESS and I’ll show you how!

Melanie Hood

Destination Success is your solution!

Eight powerful one hour bespoke intuitive coaching sessions via Zoom

Access to a private Slack channel to support you on your journey through this programme

Recording of your session so you can review your top takeaways again and again

A powerful questionnaire that you'll complete prior to our coaching session to give me a deeper understanding of the goals for your business before we begin our work together

Workbook to record your progress and create a plan for the future success of your business

You'll feel like you matter and that your message is important enough to share with the world

You'll feel safe to be visible because it’s OK to set boundaries and have your needs met

You'll feel that you are as important as others and that it’s safe to shine your light

You'll feel safe to grow your business because you’ve let go of the expectation of others

You'll feel at peace showing up as your most authentic self without the need for validation


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Here's how it works...

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Q1. How do I know that Destination Success is right for me?

If you’re a coach who feels they’ve hit a confidence crisis or an upper limit with sales in their business, then this programme is for you. It will help you reconnect with yourself and your business so that you can stop second guessing yourself, take massive action and get yourself out of the habitual pattern of self-doubt and self-sabotage.

Got questions? Here are a few things that my clients ask, along with my responses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q2. Do you offer refunds?

Great question! You have a legal right to change your mind within 14 days and receive a full refund under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, unless the service has been delivered. No refunds will be provided for services already rendered.

Q3. I've got a question I don't see answered here. Who do I speak to?

It's important you make a confident enrolment decision and that's why I'm standing by to answer any of your questions. All you need to do is just drop me an email at and I'll do my best to come back to you ASAP!

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The Matrix Re-imprinting technique that Suzie went through helped me realise that I needed to address the beliefs I had carried as a child into adulthood, before I could make any decisions. Suzie used the Matrix Re-imprinting technique, which has helped give me awareness and helped me heal part of myself that I had kept buried for many years and that I never realised was impacting so much of my life.
I now feel I can move on and without carrying a dark shadow over myself. It has truly been a life changing experience having coaching with Suzie. Learning what I have learned from Suzie I will certainly be carrying with me for the rest of my life and helping others in the process.

Give me 6 weeks and I'll show you how to be your most CONFIDENT self!

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