Are you ready to get more leads by understanding your niche...

and stand out from the crowd!

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You’re fed up with being seen as ‘just’ an Assistant and are ready to become your own boss and build something for yourself, where you’ll finally have a seat at the head of the table. Where you’ll be seen and heard and have the recognition you truly deserve, doing tasks that challenge and stretch you.

You don’t know how to define your niche and are unsure on what kind of clients you want to work with or what services you want to offer. This is keeping you stuck where you are and the clients just aren’t coming.

You have a desire to build a Virtual Assistant business but don’t know where to start! You feel confused and overwhelmed about how to find clients and wonder if you know enough to get started.

yes, i want this!

Imagine what it would be like to…

• Build a successful VA business with expert support and guidance
• End the guessing game of how to find clients and get noticed online
• Have more freedom, flexibility and time with your family
• Get clients and money in the bank so you can say goodbye to the 9 to 5
• Know where your clients are hanging out and get in front of them with your offer

Plus so much more and all for just £27!

I know what it feels like when you’re just starting out, because I was where you are now just a few years back. That’s why I put together my eBook ‘Get more leads by understanding your niche and stand out from the crowd’.


You need help defining your niche and are unsure of what clients to work with or services to offer.

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