How to stop limiting your success

June 23, 2023

The first 22 years of my working life were spent as an Assistant in corporate London. I fell into the role and for a long time saw that as my only option. Because, I didn’t have the belief to create a bigger vision for my life and that was limiting my success. That was until […]

How to stop limiting your success
How to stop limiting your success
How to stop limiting your success
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The first 22 years of my working life were spent as an Assistant in corporate London. I fell into the role and for a long time saw that as my only option. Because, I didn’t have the belief to create a bigger vision for my life and that was limiting my success.

That was until 2013 when my world came crashing down with the loss of my parents seven months apart. This became a catalyst moment in my life.

One where I realised I was limiting my success and potential. That there was something else out there for me, beyond what the corporate world could offer me. So I took a giant leap into the world of self-development. 

Fast forward a few years and qualified as a coach, NLP, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, plus Reiki Master. I’d navigated my way from employee to entrepreneur, with my own business.

In today’s blog I’m helping you connect with the gorgeous, talented and fabulous person that you already are. So you understand that you are limitless and unstoppable.

To create those first steps for creating change and experiencing more growth and success in your business. With confidence and self-belief.

The Upper Limit Problem

Gay Hendricks talks about the Upper Limit Problem (ULP) in his book The Big Leap. This is where everything is going well and then suddenly we hit a glass ceiling and upper limit.

We each give ourselves a limit of how much abundance, success or love we think we deserve. It’s as if we create our own personalised thermostat setting. This can result in us limiting our success as we stop ourselves going above the programmed setting.

This is why it’s so important to break through the beliefs that are keeping us playing small. So that we can create more space for success. So that we can step into the limitless and unstoppable entrepreneur that we truly are.

There’s two great ways you can reprogramme your mind and change your beliefs, so you can break through your upper limit.

The first is through repetition. Think about your children or back to when you were a child. How did they / you learn things? By trial and error and by repetition. You kept trying until you learned the right behaviour for the result you wanted.

It’s the same with your mindset when it comes to your next level of business growth. Repetition can come in many forms from affirmations, visualisation, meditation, journaling or writing out your goals.

Now, let’s look at the second way to reprogramme your mind. So you break through that stagnant feeling in your business, create more success and impact.

The upper limit problem

The Unconscious

This is my favourite method and in my opinion the fastest, but it does take a bit more time investment and sometimes money if you want support from a trained practitioner. Let’s start by looking at the different levels of brain waves i.e. delta, theta, beta and alpha.

These are states of consciousness and in the first 7 years of life we are in theta (the unconscious). This is also when we learn and create beliefs about ourselves and the world.

To reprogram outdated beliefs and release the self-doubt you will want to access theta state. This is your learning state. It will connect you with your subconscious mind, which runs 95 – 99% of your everyday programming and beliefs.

There’s many different ways to access theta. Although the most effective way I have found for myself is EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Having applied these to my own business growth and mindset I can attest to the power of their transformation.

It’s when you’re in theta that you can access a past memory or belief. Once there you can change the memory (not the event), create a new belief and embed that into your subconscious mind.

If you feel trapped in a cycle of self-doubt and imposter syndrome, I highly recommend working with a practitioner. So you can go from self-doubt to success.

Whether you explore EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, theta healing, hypnosis or another modality. Just now this. You are limitless, so give yourself permission to shine and get the support you need.

Breaking Free

We all have limitations but that doesn’t mean we are limited. We have the power to break through our limitations and take aligned action to manifest our dreams and goals.

The first step to overcoming your limitations is to recognise and acknowledge them. Take a moment to reflect on the areas in your life where you feel restricted or held back.

Are there self-imposed beliefs or fears that are keeping you from taking the necessary steps towards your dreams? Identifying these limitations is crucial because it allows you to gain clarity and awareness of what needs to change.

Once you have identified your limitations, it’s time to let go of them. Understand that these limitations are not set in stone; they are simply constructs of your mind. Replace self-doubt with self-belief and fear with courage.

Challenge the negative thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back. Replace them with empowering affirmations and visualise yourself already living the life you desire.

Taking aligned action is the next crucial step on your journey to success.

It’s not enough to simply dream or visualise; you must take consistent and purposeful action towards your goals. Break your big dreams down into smaller, manageable steps and create a plan of action. 

Are you looking for support with overcoming self-doubt for your next level of business growth? Then book a FREE discovery call with me today. We’ll look at how I can best support you so that you can reach success on your terms. Your path to success starts here!

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