About Suzie


When I was 16 I remember my Dad saying to me ‘you’ve got two years extra education then out to work’. My Dad’s approach to work was to get a good job, do the 40 year stint and retire. I was too young to know what I wanted so I soon went into a corporate PA career, which ended up spanning 23 years!

During my corporate career I was made redundant 3 times, micromanaged, bullied, under worked/over worked or undervalued. I worked for small companies of 45 people including the CEO, chauffeur and tea ladies to FTSE 100 companies employing thousands of people. I’ve worked for women, men, 1:1 at C level, small teams and massive teams of approximately 60 people. I was even put through a disciplinary during a double bereavement. I certainly have a good understanding of the highs and lows of corporate PA life.

After my parents’ deaths in 2013 I threw myself more heavily into self-development and spirituality. I did my coaching diploma with The Coaching Academy, trained as an NLP Practitioner with Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP). Then I moved onto studying energy work, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Reiki.

I knew I wasn’t living my purpose in my PA career, that I was playing small and I had to do something about it, so I started building my business. Then the universe intervened with a serious mountain bike accident, which left me unable to return to my old corporate job.

Making a big change and adjustment in my life was overwhelming and stressful, especially during recovery, and I explored my hopes and fears during this time of transition. Thankfully, I no longer feel bored and trapped in a job that doesn’t fulfil me. I’m now living my potential and doing what I love with freedom, independence and flexibility.

Having worked through my own fears and gone through a massive transition I’m now here to support you. My ultimate vision is to help people live with passion not regret and have a job or career that gives them true purpose. For them to believe in themselves and that anything is possible if they put the work in. Whether you want to stay in the corporate sector, in the same or different job, or gain clarity on a career in self-employment I’m here to support you with your journey.

Remember, we live in the future we create today.