It was 2013 when everything changed!

I’d lost my parents six months apart, was suffering depression, stress and anxiety and to top it off my employer put me through a disciplinary for ‘poor performance’ seven weeks after my Mum died with my Dad terminally ill at that stage.

After being signed off work for several months due to my poor mental health I was given two choices; return to work and have my performance monitored or take a settlement agreement.

I was angry at the way my employer treated me and more significantly the way the corporate world treated me.

Like I didn’t matter, like I was insignificant, like I was just a number they could replace! I didn’t feel valued or appreciated for all I had put into the role. It felt like it was all about the company, not the individual and that my needs weren’t considered.

It felt my personal matters were immaterial to them, that my emotional and mental well being weren’t important. Hearing my boss say to me ‘there’s only so much I can hear about your personal issues’ was like a dagger in my heart.

As my world was crumbling around me my employer showed little empathy. I felt I had little support and no one to turn to. I wondered whether it would have been different if I’d been a Senior Executive instead of an Executive Assistant.

So, with a settlement agreement and my parents’ inheritance I used this experience as an opportunity to retrain in something I was passionate about, where I could help at a deeper level.

It was an opportunity for me to help shine the light on the Assistant role and empower Assistants to believe in what’s possible for them.

As someone who suffered from a lot of self-doubt and a lack of confidence in my adolescence and even into my adulthood I wasn’t prepared to be a victim to my circumstances.

Instead used this as an opportunity to go on a massive journey of self-development.

I walked away from this experience with my head held high, proud of everything I had overcome and after initially retraining as a Virtual Assistant I let go of my doubts and launched my coaching business.