VA Freedom StartUp

Goal setting – We’ll explore the goal and vision for your Virtual Assistant business and
address how you’d like to design your business

Unique value proposition – I’ll help you see what is unique and special about you and how
you can use that to stand out from the crowd in a busy VA market.

Niching – We’ll address how you can niche down and we’ll explore any resistance that comes
up for you in picking your area of speciality.

Ideal client – We’ll develop your ideal client in detail and create a ‘fantasy’ person so you can
market to one person but attract so many more and do the market research behind this.

Social media marketing strategy – We’ll explore how you can use LinkedIn to find your ideal client, build visibility for your business and have clients come ask you about your services.

Elevator pitch & social media topics – We’ll get clear on your elevator pitch and identify 5 topics you can talk about so you can start putting content out on social media that will talk directly to your clients.

BIG PROMISE – By the end of this 6 week coaching programme you’ll be standing out from everyone else in the market and attracting your ideal client. If you’re ready to get started in your business, book a call with me so we can get clear on the next best step for you.