About Suzie


Since I was seven I’ve known that what I really want to do is to help other people. My journey has taken a long time and there have certainly been bumps in the road to get to where I am now.

I was bullied at school and this led me to believe that I wasn’t good enough, that I couldn’t be successful, and I spent a lot of time comparing myself to the people around me.

In my mid-twenties I had what I can only call an awakening and my journey of self-discovery began. My realisation that I didn’t have to be trapped in the shell of the person I’d become made me see that I could be anything I wanted to be.

That journey may have kicked off in my mid-twenties, but it took me years to get to where I am now. Twenty years working as a PA in roles that I knew in my heart weren’t for me. I wanted more – I wanted to make a significant positive impact on other people’s lives. I wanted to show them that they can change their beliefs and mindset and become the person they’re truly meant to be.

I’ve done a lot of personal development and my late twenties saw me delve into psychology which led me to my Personal Performance Diploma with The Coaching Academy. It represented a great turning point in my life finally giving me the tools to do what I had always wanted – to help positively impact a person’s life and enable them to see and achieve their full potential.

This took me into NLP training with co-creator Richard Bandler and energy work with the discovery of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Reiki.
My work with others is more powerful because I know what I do is powerful. This work and study has radically transformed both mine and other’s lives.

It’s my mission to support you to create a positive and empowering growth mindset. To build on the work you’ve already done in your business, to achieve where you may previously have held back, and to reach your full potential.

You can do anything you set your mind to. Working with me means you can cut out the twenty years it took me to get to this level of achievement and contentment in my life. You will be able to step up with ease and without the decades of uncertainty and anxiety. I’ve done it, so you don’t have to.